A guide to compiling, publishing and sending a Smartcast bulletin. [Full Text]

This is how this bulletin looks as a plain text doc. [Full Text]

How to email bulletins and messages to all or selected subscribers. [Full Text]

What happens when people opt-in for a trial of a Smartcast service, and how to manually add trialsters. [Full Text]

How to add subscribers to a Smartcast list, manage their details and delete them. [Full Text]

How to create a group of subscribers to receive items indexed under a selected number of topics. [Full Text]

How to create topics, use topics to index items under one or more topics, and how to change and delete topics. [Full Text]

How to upload files to give them a web address so they can be reported in a bulletin item and how to manage uploads. [Full Text]

Smartcast sites and their services can look different and deliver bulletins on different schedules, one example is the Canberra IQ service. [Full Text]

Another example is the Urban Affairs service. [Full Text]

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