Smartcast enables you to:

Organise Information

  • compile broadcasts containing short items with online links
  • categorise items under one or more topics
  • store and index items and topics in a searchable database
  • upload offline files to the database
  • create new topics automatically
  • make topics perform as links to relevant items in the database
  • implement graphic applications to customize the appearance of broadcasts

Manage Clients

  • group clients according to their topic interests
  • tailor broadcast content for client groups or individual clients
  • send all broadcasts to all clients simultaneously
  • selectively send bulletins or subsets of broadcasts to individual clients or client groups
  • email other messages to all clients, subgroups of clients or individual clients
  • give clients access to all or part of the database

Have Control

  • limit access to the database or make it freely and fully available
  • give clients password-based access to all or some of the database
  • integrate secure online credit card payment systems
  • implement new functions or upgrades developed by Smartcast

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